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Welcome to Oquirrh Hills Middle School

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Principal’s Message

Normally, I would be using this space to tell you about the great things going on at Oquirrh Hills Middle School. And normally, there would be a great deal to share with you. COVID-19 has changed all that.

Teachers have worked small miracles to make sure curriculum and assignments are available to students. We have distributed about 500 Chromebooks to help students keep connected. This is the first time we have pushed out this much content this quickly; our intent is to keep students learning and keep them connected to the school, and we will keep working the bugs out. We welcome your feedback because we really want to help your student keep learning.

While students are out of the building, we are doing some deep cleaning and sanitizing, preparing for the eventual return of our students. We have had some extra help from bus drivers who have been assigned to our building, so the work is going well. Our Hall Monitors have been monitoring the halls, but instead of helping kids get to class on time, they have been renewing the bulletin boards, among other things. The District has been helping us out by replacing one of our temporary walls with a new, more sound-proof one between classrooms. In short – the kids are gone, but there is still a lot going on here in the Nest.

Spring is a particularly busy time of year for any school as we plan for the 2020-2021 school year. We are excited to be making some changes to our TAs, making them more enjoyable for all students. More information will be coming on that. Let’s just say that students will have a choice of several Elective TAs they can join where they will have the opportunity to learn and experience new things. We can’t wait to tell our students all about it when they return.

Even though this pandemic is a serious situation, there are still things to smile about. We will be posting pictures and information on both our Instagram account (#ohmseagles) and our website ( We hope that our lighthearted approach will help the students remember that we are all in this together and that eventually, things will return to normal. That being said, I hope we all keep the good habit of washing or sanitizing our hands.

Kindest Regards,
Donna C. Hunter, Principal

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Attention OHMS Students. SBO elections for next year are coming up and, due to the world we live in, these will be done digitally. If you are interested in being a Student Body Officer next year at OHMS there will be a mandatory meeting via Zoom on March 31 at 11 am and/or 1 pm for anyone who wishes to be an SBO next year. Attend whichever meeting will work better for you. The meeting code is 872-757-2438. This meeting will cover all the needed information about being an OHMS SBO. If you have any questions or tech issues please let Ms. Anderson know by March 30. (email at

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