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Eagle Hour & After School Enrichment


Term Three Eagle Hour Schedule

Monday – Thursday during TA Class

(Teachers invite most students, but there is no reason why students can’t ask to be invited)

Monday Social Studies & World Languages

Tuesday Language Arts & CTE

Wednesday Math & Physical Education

Thursday Science & Fine Arts

Weekly After School Enrichment 2016 – 2017 Schedule

Tuesdays 3-4 pm

Math Messervy room 101

Language Arts Weinheimer room 119

Science Nielsen room 211

Social Studies Hogan room 106

Thursdays 3-4 pm

Math Latz room 101

Technology Allsop room 111

World Languages Van Pelt & Beltran rooms 601 & 603

Language Arts Curtis room 121

Science Byerline room 121

Students may work on any homework during enrichment on any given night. However, teachers are listed according to their specialized subjects.