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What is ALPS?

ALPS is an acronym for Advance Learning Program for Students, a magnet program for students who have high academic abilities.

For more information about the ALPS program please visit this website:

What makes ALPS different from an honors program?

The main difference between the ALPS program and an honors program is the accelerated pace that ALPS offers. The pace within the class is accelerated, as well as a portion of the curriculum. Additionally, ALPS teachers have a Gifted and Talented endorsement on their teaching license, or are working towards the endorsement. The teachers are aware of the unique needs of high ability students and endeavor to provide a challenging and engaging learning environment in their classrooms.

What classes are specific to ALPS?

The secondary course catalogue has a list of classes that are specific to ALPS. Please see the information on pages 21-22. the catalogue can be accessed on this website:

What advantages does Oquirrh Hills Middle offer?

Oquirrh Hills’s greatest asset is its talented, caring, and collaborative teaching staff. Oquirrh Hills’s teachers and staff go out of their way to ensure the needs of all students are met, and the student body is also very welcoming.

What transportation is offered to ALPS students?

A shuttle bus service is offered for students in the ALPS program with pick-ups/drop-offs at Herriman Elementary, Jordan Ridge Elementary, Westland Elementary, and Sunset Ridge Middle School. For more information and a current bus schedule, please contact the OHMS front office. 801-412-2350

How does a student qualify for the ALPS program?

There is an assessment process required to enter the ALPS program. For more information, please visit this website:

How much homework should an ALPS student plan on?

The rule of thumb is that a student should expect ten minutes of homework per night, per grade per night. ALPS students should have about the same amount of homework as other students in the same grade.

Which high school do ALPS students attend?

ALPS students, like all students in the District, can request a permit to attend the high school of their choosing. All High Schools in Jordan School District offer a wide variety of Honors, AP and Concurrent Enrollment courses. For more information about planning for high school, please visit this website: