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Dance Company

What is this group about?

This is an auditioned company that meets during 1st and 2nd (TA) periods . As a company, we choreograph, teach, learn, and perform dances of all genres. We also work continuously on improving technique and artistic expression. Beyond that, we meet together at least monthly for a social outside of school.

How does a student join?

There is an annual audition in May where students learn and perform a dance in front of judges from other schools in the district. Those judges evaluate students based on their technique, expression, and creativity (improvisation skills). Those auditioning are also required to submit teacher evaluations along with a print-out of the most recent year's grades. The lowest GPA accepted is a 2.5.

What commitments or requirements does this group have?

More than anything, dancers must give 100% effort in rehearsal every day!!! There is one dress rehearsal and one concert each semester, which requires a costume rental fee. Dancers are encouraged to purchase the company warm-ups.

What are the groups major activities?

Performing at assemblies, fundraising activities during Oquirrh Fest, dress rehearsals and concerts (one each in Winter and Spring)

Who leads this group and how can I contact them for more info?

Ms. Hopkin,