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Drug and Alcohol Policy Summary



The school recognizes the need to reduce the risk of use and abuse of illegal substances among students. Therefore, the use, misuse, or possession of alcohol, drugs or counterfeit substances (legal prescriptions) or over the counter items (in excess of an 8-hour dosage), inhalants, and all associated paraphernalia is prohibited on any school district property, in any building owned or operated by the school district, or at any activity sponsored by the school district whether or not it is held on school district property.


A. Substances falling under the provisions of this policy:

1. All substances defined as illegal in the Utah Criminal Code 58-37-1 et seq.
2. Alcoholic beverages.
3. All prescription medications in excess of a required individual dosage for an 8-hour period except for those medications required by elementary students which are held in the school office.
4. All over-the-counter medications/treatments in excess of a recommended individual dosage for an 8-hour period.
5. Any substance used with intent to do personal harm or injury or to disrupt the educational process or learning environment.

B. Students found in violation of this policy shall be entitled to the due process procedures outlined in Policy AS67-Discipline of Students.