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All students should have the opportunity to experience the fine arts as part of a well-rounded curriculum and complete education. The study of drama, dance, music, and the visual arts helps students explore realities, relationships, and ideas that cannot be expressed simply in words or numbers. Study of the fine arts nurtures creativity, an essential skill for the 21st century. The fine arts serve the education of the whole child.

Learning in the fine arts is valuable on its own, but it also engages students in learning in other subjects. Research has shown visual arts instruction to improve reading readiness. Performing and creating facilitates the acquisition of problem-solving skills and teamwork. Those skills then can be applied to other academic areas. All fine arts have academic content. Thus, the arts can help students learn essential skills in new and exciting ways.














This class focuses on the fundamentals of working with clay and creating 3D art.  In class projects are centered on the creative process and exploring ceramic techniques.  Out of class students are expected to design and create a blueprint for each in class project.

- Ceramics Student Art Poster



Oquirrh Hills Middle School offers an amazing Dance Program. It is one the largest Dance Programs offered at the Middle school level!

We offer A Social Dance Company, as well as an Advanced Dance Company. There are amazing classes for ALL levels!!!  It is a great choice for an elective!!! We do a Concert that ALL students perform in.  OHMS DANCE offers our students an amazing opportunity to gain self confidence, while learning great technique.




Are you a Hockey fan? The Concert Choir will be singing “The Star Spangled

Banner” at the Grizzlies home game on March 2 at 7pm! Come support our



Honors Concert: The Jordan School District Music Honors concert will be at Sunset

Ridge Middle School (6881 West 8200 South, West Jordan, UT 84081) on February

19! This is a special opportunity for a select number of our band, choir and

orchestra students to come together with students from across the district to

perform under the direction of a guest conductor. The Choir performance will be

led by Mr. Neil Hendricks, from Woods Cross High School. The Orchestra will be

under the direction of Mr. Dave Mardsen retired from Davis School District. The

Honor Band will be led by Mr. Chris Earl, who currently teaches at South David

Middle School.


BYU! Our Symphonic Band was recently invited to participate in the annual BYU

Band Festival on March 14! We are very excited to be invited to this event. We will

get to see some of the best high school and middle school bands in the state perform,

as well as the BYU Wind Ensemble.


We are all gearing up for our District Performance Assessments in March and April.

Performance Assessment is our chance to perform for an Adjudication. We will

perform for a teacher or director not from our district who will give us some

coaching on our performance, good things or things to improve upon, and then give

us a rating on our performance. It is the closest thing to a State test we see in music.



















The Theatre Department at OHMS is a great place to get involved, meet life long friends, and learn the discipline and art of theatre performance. Our mission is to create an inclusive program that teaches confidence and stage presence as well as train disciplined actors and technicians to be sought after at the high school, college, community, and eventually career arenas.
Here is what is coming up!

Jordan District Middle School Theatre Festival: Wednesday, March 25th @ 3:30 pm - Elkridge Middle School - open auditions after school

Intermediate Theatre Spring Production - TBA: Thursday, April 23rd & Friday, April 24th @ 7 pm
An Evening of Improv with RHS - TBA
Jordan District Middle School Schowcase: Thursday, May 14th - place and time TBA