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Oquirrh Hills Middle School is located in Riverton, Utah, in the southwestern part of Salt Lake Valley, servicing the city of Riverton. Once a small, basically agrarian region, Riverton is now a fast growing community and is rapidly changing into a progressive urban suburb.

aboutohmsOquirrh Hills Middle School first opened in September of 1980 to 950 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students. The building was not completed at the time. Students had to eat lunch in their classrooms because the cafeteria was not fully functional. Many other incomplete areas of the school were finished during the first year, including the shop, home economics, and auditorium. The beginning years were important for the students and staff as new traditions were established. The students chose the eagle for the school mascot to represent their courage and upward endeavor toward academic excellence.

Through the course of its history, Oquirrh Hills Middle School has become a highly respected institution in the community. Earl H. Behrmann served as principal from 1980 to 1991. During that time, the school experienced many changes as the school district moved the sixth graders to the elementary schools. The ninth graders were brought back to the middle schools due to overcrowding in the high schools. For two years (1982-1983 and 1983-1984) the school also housed the kindergartners from Riverton Elementary. This was a very positive experience for the student body and provided some excellent service projects for the students. They helped tutor, read stories and answer “Dear Santa” letters for the younger children.

During the 90's, Riverton continued to experience tremendous growth and consequently a significant increase in student population. Dennis E. Hansen served as principal from 1991 - 1994. In these years, the total school population grew to over 1280. Emerson Boyd filled the position of principal from 1994 - 1996. Enrollment at Oquirrh Hills rose to 1760 during the 1995-1996 school year. Expansion of the physical facility, comprised of a PE annex and additional six classrooms, was completed in 1996 in an effort to adequately house the student body. Sherril Taylor became principal in 1996 and served in that position until 2000. G. Norma Villar began her tenure as principal in 2000 and served until the end of the 2007-08 School year. For the last two years, Joanne Mattes held the reigns until her retirement at the end of the 2009-10 school year. Michael Anderson  is currently serving in that position. The faculty and staff of Oquirrh Hills Middle School continue to pursue educational excellence and help students achieve their full potential.