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Department Spotlights

Language Arts

Joseph Aratari, an 8th grader in Ms. Longeteig's language arts class, was named as a runner-up in Utah's "Do the Write Thing Challenge." Joseph was honored at an awards luncheon at the Governor's mansion on April 21st. He was one of the top twelve finalists in the state (out of 1,100 entries) who was rewarded for the essay he wrote about youth violence and bullying and the effect that it has on students, schools, and communities. This challenge is a program of the National Campaign to Stop Violence and it gives young writers a great way to voice their solutions for peaceful, nonviolent communities.

Congratulations Joseph!

On April 15, the seventh grade participated in the the second annual Museum of Tolerance. This was an activity where students were in groups and researched a topic about tolerance. These topics varied from prejudice against African Americans to women's rights. Students made posters displaying their research and also made creative projects. Some of the creative projects were songs, paintings, survivor posters, ABC books, and videos. Promoting tolerance was the main goal for this project.

We had many parent volunteers and the students really enjoyed this experience. Thanks to all those who worked so hard on making this a great experience. Special thanks to the seventh grade Language Arts teachers: Ms. Draper, Ms. Howard, Ms. Jones, and Ms. Von Der Lohe. Thanks Ms. Doehler for opening up the Media Center for the Museum of Tolerance.

Social Studies

The Social Studies Department is thrilled to announce that we will be offering an AP Human Geography course for the 2011-2012 school year!  This will give 9th grade students the opportunity to get a head start on their college education!  In preparation for the AP class next year we have been holding an after school geography club.   We have been introducing key concepts that we will be covering in detail next year to get a head start on our learning!  The students that have been attending our after school club are doing well and are enjoying their experience!  We are excited to offer this great opportunity and look forward to our AP class next year.

CTE Classes

All seventh graders enjoyed a trip to the JATC Jordan Applied Technology Center. The students were impressed with all of the career training option they can start taking advantage of in High School. Students especially enjoyed the vetrinarian training program where students actually get to work with and care for birds, reptiles and rodents, rabbits etc... The students were also excited about the engineering program at JATC. Here the high school students were working with turning their own car designs in to actual 3D models using a 3D Printer. During our fieldtrip, we also got to hear from students in the Biotechnology Program. Each student was studying a concept of their own choice and design. One student was collecting hair samples from people with diabetes in their history to see if their were any cell abnormalities in their DNA. Another student who was interestsed in geology was studing cells in rock formations for similarities and differences. This field trip was a great opportunity for students to locate a program they can participate in high school to start preparing for college or the work world. Concurrent credit for college and high school credit is abvailable in these programs for students who get a grade of C or higher. Many of the programs provide licensing so the student can start making a good wage as they continue on to college.

On April 29th all seventh graders will have a Job Shadow Day. This is our first ever official job shadow day for OHMS, and we are hoping the students will find this a fun and informational activity. In CTE classes we have learned that college is a very expensive endeavor and often times students can dislike the job they went to college for if they do not truly understand what the job entails. This job shadow day will be a day for students to job shadow someone out in the community who is in a job that a particular student is interested in. After a day of following this worker around a student will have a better idea of wether this might be a job they plan to do in the future. Most adults are very willing to have students job shadow for a day and to be able to mentor someone into their occupation!


The Dance Company and Social Dance Company are coming In Concert!

The Dance Concert, "Running," will be performed on Wednesday and Thursday, May 11 and 12. Performances begin at 7:00 and will be approximately an hour and a half in length. Dance I and Dance II classes will also be featured.

Dance Company auditions will be held in the Annex on May 16-18 from 3:00-6:00 p.m. All 8th grade students are welcome to audition.

The Social Dance Company is still looking for boys to sign up. No tryout is required. Please go to the Annex to speak to Mrs. Petrovich-Musig about joining next year's company!


Metal Detecting


Before the activity at the school, I had always been mildly interested in the metal detecting. I am really interested in old objects like coins and have my own small collection of coins. My grandpa got me interested in radio waves and I am also interested in other things. When Mr. Monson taught us about the science of metal detecting it increased my interest in metal detecting. I got really excited and began to think of how fun it would be to find something lost to time. I think the company was very generous to donate these fun and useful machines. I found a 1950’s 100 Frank piece that Mr. Monson put in the ground. I want to pursue this hobby in the future. Metal detecting is fun.


Metal detecting was a great experience for me. I learned about how metal detectors work and how they can locate metal underground It was interesting to see how different metals send different types of signals to the metal detector. I was excited when I got to use this device and find different types of coins in the ground. We found various coins of all different sizes. I found a coin that was from the 1960’s while others even found coins dating back into the 1920’s!


At an activity for a reward, I went to the metal detecting activity. It was really cool that we got to use the metal detectors. We learned some about metal detecting, which was really interesting. A few of us got to wear hats, which was also really cool. We learned about good things to practice when metal detecting including respecting personal property, and protecting nature, like filling in holes you may dig. It was all very intriguing. We then went out to the field, and took turns with a few metal detectors. We split into groups around pegs in the ground marking areas where the teacher had buried a few coins and metal items earlier. The metal detectors were really cool and it was pretty easy to find the objects. I found this really cool and old looking coin. I flipped it over and the date 1776 was written on it. I got really excited and went home to look it up. I discovered that coins like it were very, very rare. Only a few, not real currency coins had been given to Paul Revere, and only one of this type has been found since. Then I learned that hundreds of fake replicas have been made of the coin. The one real coin is in a museum. It turned out mine was a fake. I was a little disappointed but it was fun and interesting, and got me into metal detecting. Who knows, maybe I will get my own metal detector!


Science Fair and Science Olympiad are the highlights of our year here at OHMS and we just finished both with some fantastic results! 14 projects moved on to the Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair held at BYU March 23rd and 24th. We had several winners including:

General Awards
Spencer Bauman - National Society of Professional Engineers Award
Dorothy Van Komen - U.S. Navy/Marine Corps Award,
Emma Wynn - Invitation to Broadcom MASTERS Competition
Junior Division Awards
Becka Olivares – Energy and Transportation 2nd place
Halah Khan – Environmental Science 2nd place
Emma Wynn – Physics and Astonomy 1st place
Senior Division Awards
Dorothy VanKomen – Physics and Astronomy 3rd place

The OHMS Science Olympiad Teams competed at the Utah State Science Olympiad Tournament. Throughout the year students have been preparing to complete in the tournament. This included study in subjects such as Anatomy, Fossils and Ecology as well as building events such as Helicopters, Towers and Sumo Bots. Students had a great time exploring Westminister and Weber State Universities as they completed against others school from all over the state of Utah. OHMS students placed in twelve events and brought back silver in Ornithology (Dylan Everill & Kaitlyn Eutsler), Science Crime Busters (Terra Colbert & Samantha Duddleston) and bronze in Meterology (Zachary Alvord & Terra Colbert) and Can't Judge a Powder (Nate Taylor & Nicole Lopez). Awards for scholarships were also given to students. We are grateful to all our excellent parent volunteers who came to help at Regional and State. We look forward to next year's competition. We are headed into the homestretch as we prepare for CRT’s. Many of you will take practice CRT’s using UTIPS so be ready for that.

April 20 will be our next ZAP activity at OHMS and the science department is in the process of preparing a real-life “Angry Birds” game. Join us for the fun! Pictures soon to follow.

In earth systems, we are busily preparing for CRTS but have been learning recently about Ecology and about the importance of interactions/relationships between living animals and their environments. Currently, we are studying astronomy and have learned quite abit in a very short period of time. Specifically we are studying the stars, galaxies, and about the expanse of the universe. Keep up the good work students, you've learned a lot about this beautiful planet......... EARTH!



Math at OHMS 2011-2012 and the Common Core Math Standards
During this coming year, OHMS will be implementing the State adopted
Common Core Math Standards (CCMS)for all math classes except Algebra
II. The new CCMS are world class standards that integrate math
content across the three grade levels at OHMS. The math classes
offered to students for this next year are
• Seventh Grade Math and Seventh Grade Math Honors
• Eighth Grade Math and Eighth Grade Math Honors
• Secondary Math 1 and Secondary Math 1 Honors for ninth grade students
Students are being placed in an appropriate class using test results
from state administered UPASS assessments, two nationally normed IOWA
tests, and teacher recommendation. At each grade level, both classes
will meet the same learning standards. For example, at seventh grade,
both Seventh Grade Math and Seventh Grade Math will learn the same
core mathematics. However, the honors classes will explore
mathematics for deeper conceptual understanding. Algebra and geometry
will be integrated across all grade levels. Secondary Math 1 Honors
will begin precalculus. For more information on the CCMS, please

Students that are presently in geometry will continue with their
course sequence and will be taking Algebra II next year.


World Languages

The newly acquired technological equipment is being put to good use. The computer in concert with the ceiling-mounted projector allows the teachers to go from one application to the next with a squeezing of a mouse and then back to a former image. This rapid-movement makes the conventional black/white board obsolete. The audio-enhancement equipment not only saves the voice of the teacher, it provides the ability to play authentic target-language music which students seem to enjoy. Some have even asked to copy the music on their ipods. Studies have shown that music learned lyrics – in our case, vocabulary – give the learner 100% recall indefinitely. This technology is bringing the learning of a new language into the 21st Century along with a goodly dose of fun. Mr. Anderson's focus on technology is paying big dividends in the World Language Department here at OHMS. - Dan Boskovich