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Oquirrh Hills Middle School is continually striving to find ways to help students be successful and enjoy their experience here in middle school. We believe every assignment has educational value and promotes student learning.  In order to help all students learn at high levels and learn the value of completing all tasks assigned to them, Oquirrh Hills Middle School will provide students who are experiencing difficulty completing their assignments with additional time and support.  Beginning this year, we will implement a ZAP program to provide this support as well as provide a reward and incentive for those students who are working hard and earning good grades.

What is ZAP?
ZAP stands for Zeroes Aren’t Permitted.  It is a program designed to provide those students with missing assignments (zeroes) additional time and support to complete that work.  In addition, those who do not have any zeroes or missing assignments will have the choice of various activities designed to be fun and thought provoking and a good alternative to the traditional classroom instruction.

How does ZAP work?

  1. ZAP Notification - Shortly before the midterm progress report, students will be given a copy of missing assignments in each of their classes.  Students with missing assignments will be required to make them up.
  2. ZAP Activity - Those students with no missing assignments will be rewarded with a fun activity of their choice during the middle of the day.
  3. Intervention - Students who still have missing assignments or tests will have an opportunity to work with their teachers in study hall which will be conducted during the ZAP activity.

What do I need to do?

As a parent or guardian, we need your support.

  • Help your student identify which classes he or she could use extra help with.
  • Encourage your student to take advantage of our after school enrichment time to get help on assignments or make up a test.
  • Discuss with your student what they did for their ZAP activity.
  • Show support for our ZAP activity by not checking your student out of school

We look forward to offering students the time they need to be successful.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school at 801-412-2350.