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This year we are teaming up with Hearts and Hands for Humanity to build a clean water pump in Ghana, Africa. This pump will prevent thousands of deaths from waterborne illnesses and dehydration every year. A more accessible pump will also help young women gain an education. Many girls spend most of their day walking up to 8 miles to get water for their families. Our well will be drilled near the school, so students can attend school and get water at the same time. For information please visit their website below.

This video shows the importance of our efforts


Water can make all the difference, and together, we can make that difference.  A huge difference, powered by a simple solution; the Center Earth Drill. Watch this video to see how it works.


Our goal this year is $25,000

This is a high goal. OHMS has never raised this much but we want to pay for the drill and a well near the school AND donate our usual $4,000 to sponsor our local holiday heroes .  In order to reach this goal we will need your help!  THANK YOU in advance for your participation and support!!!


We are selling Oquirrh-Fest shirts for $10

- The Oquirrh-Fest 2015 T-Shirt


Dinner Nights

Restaurants around Riverton have agreed to donate  a percent of profits to Oquirrh-Fest on the night scheduled. Please mention you are there for OHMS - Oquirrh-Fest 

Resturante nights

Candy/Soda Grams  -  December 1st - 17th

  • We will be selling Candy Grams before school and during lunch.
  • The Candy Grams will cost $1.
  • Can add $2 to Candy Gram to make it a Sax-O-Gram( Sax-O-Gram with candy/note)
  • Candy Grams will be delivered during TA.
  • The students will need to know the TA class of the recipients.
  • Students and teachers can send one or more to their friends. When you send a Candy Gram you may include a personal message on a cute die cut.


Sax-O-Grams  -  December 1st - 15th





















  • SBO’s will be selling Sax-O-Grams before school each day.
  • The Sax-O-Grams will cost $2.
  • Sax-O-grams will be delivered during TA each day.
  • Students will need to know the TA class of the recipients.
  • Students and Teachers can send 1 or more to their friends. When you send a Sax-O-Gram you may send a personal message (Message will be read aloud to TA class)
  • Sax-O-Gram may not be delivered on the day of purchase. (it may take a few days)


Leatherby's ice cream, Krispy Kreme donuts and hot chocolate - sold before school and during lunch from December 1st-17th!

FoodShadow Day  -  Thursday 17th!

  1. Shadow Day is where a student(s) get to follow a teacher or SBO around for whole school day.
  2. When the students bring a minimum of $35 they will receive a slip that will write the amount they donate, their name, and the teacher or Student Body Officer they want to shadow.
  3. The students will bid a minimum of $35 to shadow someone.   Here is an example: Hayden brought $35 shadow Mrs. Jones, Makenna brought $40 dollars Mrs. Jones. Makenna would get to shadow Mrs. Jones because she is the highest bidder. (But Hayden could bring more money the next day to outbid Makenna.)
  4. If you are being shadowed please give the students incentives to bid on you. Tell them how they would be spending their day if they shadowed you. For example: bringing them breakfast or lunch (remember you can’t drive them, or have them eat with you in the faculty room.)  They could even teach your classes for the day, or create bulletin boards for your room. Be creative and advertise yourself!



K12Fundraising will donate $5.00 to Oquirrh-Fest for every survey filled out. CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE SURVEY!

African Children


DeMonja VS Spence

WE RAISED $28,975 THIS YEAR!!!  A new school record.  THANK YOU for helping us improve the lives of those suffering half way around the world!


Oquirrh-Fest 2015 Celebration Assembly