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School Community Council Minutes

Minutes of Meeting 9 March, 2017

SCC Secretary Christopher Nichols out sick. Minutes take by SCC member Angela Greer

1. Welcome

2. Committee Business

a. Approval of January Meeting Minutes

i. Lance motioned to approve and Tracie seconded

3. School Events

a. Career Day (Tracie)

i. 7th graders Job Shadowed

ii. 8/9th graders attended career presentations (9th graders had first choice)

1. Next year fewer presenters to concentrate students in classes.

2. Presenters are given a template to use for the presentation

3. Tech info needs to be given to presenters to be compatible with the school’s system.

b. Student Led Conferences (Spring) – Feedback

i. Student/parent started in cafeteria to pick up portfolio for review, then visited classes.

1. Moved quickly

2. Parents liked the cafeteria start

3. It was suggested that a few chairs/desks be set outside the classrooms so that those

waiting aren’t listening in on the conference in session.

ii. 2017-2018 session will be held on Tues/Thurs to avoid Valentine’s Day.

c. School Climate Survey

i. 126 Parents participated so far.

ii. Input provided on individual teachers is reviewed on a personal level with the principal.

d. White Ribbon Week (March 13-18) – “Fight the New Drug” (anti-pornography)

i. Parent night will be hosted Tuesday, March 14th.

1. Focus will be on the science of pornography addiction

2. Adult only meeting – NOT recommended for kids

3. Parent night is only hosted by the school once every three years and was advertised at

neighboring schools

e. School Play

i. $3 ticket charge this time

1. Helps to cover the cost of supplies (i.e. scenery, etc.) and equipment updates (i.e. new

microphones, etc.)

2. Allowed for a better audience experience by reducing the number of kids that just “hang

out” and talk thru performance.

3. This charge was received well by the SCC.

4. Counseling Update (Tracie)

a. Lunch School – Well attended with many daily attenders

b. After School Enrichment –

c. Study Skills

i. Starting an 8th grade “Why Try” program

ii. 7th grade won a competition for the group with the fewest low grades

5. School Business (Mr. Glenn)

a. Professional Development

i. 8-9 Teacher attending BYU Conference

ii. 5 Attended John Hadde (?) Training

iii. All have opportunity to participate in staff wide reading/discussion of Mindset: The New

Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck

1. this is being received well in general by the participants and there is discussion of

offering another book to study together next year.

b. Land Trust Current Budget Update

i. Looks like we will have about $12,000 remaining at the end of the year

1. Suggestions to use this to help cover the cost of a replacement Chromebook lab.

c. Land Trust Proposed Budget

i. We will have $102,000 next year

1. Next year we get a FT Tech person thru 1:1 grant so we are looking at bringing in

another Aide for tracking those struggling. This will allow the Counseling center to save funding

and provide an extra counselor to better distribute the student load.

2. Increase in Professional Development budget suggested

3. Sandy moves to have changes made to budget proposal put online for online council

vote. Mr. Glenn seconded

6. Community Discussion

a. Suggestion for technology funds to be used for a “skyward made simple” training for



a. Motion to close meeting made by Shauna and seconded by Mr. Clayton

Minutes of Meeting 12 January, 2017

Agenda is in black (minutes recorded are in blue and italics)


In attendance Mike Glenn, Denise Heninger, Christopher Nichols, Sandra Doehler, Kirk Nielsen, Tracy Garrard, Paul Clayton, Audrey Fish, Sandi King, Lance Valerio, Shauna Eccles, Angela Greer, & Beth Kunz

Committee Business

Approval of November meeting minutes

Minutes have been approved provided the changes marked in red are made. (Mr. Nichols will make the minor formatting changes and grammar corrections.)

School Events

Oquirrh Rush– Millie’s Princess Foundation Follow up

Our efforts were hugely successful nearly 250,000 was raised. Some felt that it was nice that all the Jr. high and high school kids were doing the same things. (made it easier on families). Some concerns were raised about the level of communication during our fundraising efforts. It was suggested that communications should be sent in multiple formats including digital and hard copy. Also, students singing or doing odd jobs should have their fund-raising buckets clearly labeled stating what the funds are being raised for.

Field Trips

The use of a bus for the JATC field trip was very successful. Students spent more time there and we had fewer discipline issues. Robotics team led by Mr. Monson (First Tech Challenge) has been invited to display their robots in the capitol rotunda on approx. 24 Jan.

Parent Teacher Conferences Feb 15th and 16th

No school Feb 17 due to Student led conferences. Also, no school Feb 19 for Presidents day.

School Business:

  1. Trust Lands – Survey Results

Survey comments were distributed to all members. Study skills is immensely effective we feel. We are adding a 7th grade study skills class for second semester. This will allow us to address students who are struggling from the moment start at OHMS. A huge shout out to Mrs. Oberg, and Ms. Hopkin for all their amazing hard work. Many of the write in options were discussed. Enrichment we feel that this program is worth the investment. Some students may be in and out in 10 – 15 minutes but others are there for the full time. It was proposed that a “Skyward Made Simple” video tutorial explaining the basics of Skyward could help our parents understand the subtle nuances of Skyward such as the meaning of a * vs. a 0 and how to find assignment attachments and comments.

2. Budget Proposal

This year’s budget was 98,375.39 dollars. 32,810.04 remains allocated but unspent in the budget. So far 3 additional labs were purchased with rollover monies from last year. We got approval for the 1-1 tech initiative (10 more mobile Chromebook labs). Many teachers who do not have a lab in their room will have the ability next year. For professional development, we have purchased a book Mindset that all faculty members will meet and discuss. This book is about the benefit of having an open mindset vs. a fixed mindset. Next year’s Trust Lands estimate is 102,576.00. This could go up or down depending on what happens with Bear Ears National Monument and other adjustments.

3. Technology Update

Lab updates vs. fixed lab updates. We do not have to purchase carts just swap out old tech for new tech. We are waiting to see what Apple wants to promote in terms of iPads and Apple TV’s. We will look at our contractor’s price and decide what is best for our school, and propose our tech budget at March’s SCC meeting.

4. SNAP Plan

Not too many changes to the plan. Audrey will meet with Brian Moore to finalize things and submit our plan on the 20th. We have petitioned for the things that we discussed and our prior SNAP meeting.

5. SIP

SIP = School Improvement Plan (for those lost in the acronyms). We need to be ensuring that our teachers are focusing on the core and teaching at their best level to show growth. We recognize that SAGE is the assessment that we use to measure growth but it has an image issue and since no one is accountable the scores may not reflect our actual growth. We also look at things such as the reduction in failing grades, and success of our intervention programs.

6. Preliminary reunification plan – Sandi King

Preliminary plan for reunifying students and parents in the event of an emergency that causes us to not release our students in the usual manner. This process involves each student being picked up by a parent or approved pickup person. It is estimated that this process could take 4-6 hours. We are presenting this plan and asking for feedback to create a better plan.

Counseling Update

  1. Lunch School

We will be looking at the data after the end of the quarter

2. Study Skills

We will be looking at the data after the end of the quarter

3. After School Enrichment

We will be looking at the data after the end of the quarter

4. Registration Timeline

Rah Rah assembly in February, New 7th grade registration first and then new 8th and new 9th grade registration. Our current 9th graders will have their high school registration in April

If possible we would like a list of the academic and citizenship requirements for all clubs, organizations, and sports teams from Riverton High School. We feel that this will help us encourage some of our students to achieve better.

Community Discussion

None motion to adjourn sustained by all.


No comments.

Next Meeting March 9th

Minutes of Meeting 10, November 2016

Agenda is in black (minutes recorded are in blue and italics)

Attendees Kirk Nielsen, Christopher Nichols, Tracie Garrard, Paul Clayton, Lance Balerio, Brittany Maxfield, Beth Kunz, Angela Greer, Denise Heninger, Audrey Fish, Mike Glenn, Matt Young, & Shauna Eccles.

Welcome and Introductions

Approval of Minutes

September 29, 2016 (approved)

May 19, 2016 (approved)

March 17, 2016 (approved)

  1. Confirm next meeting date—January 12, 2017 5:30 PM (Confirmed)
  1. School Community Council Training (Our council functions very well. Why was this necessary? Simply put, it was a board decision that was hopefully not going to be a repetitive training.) Mike will send a link to everyone on how school community councils should work.
  1. SNAP Plan (Safe Neighborhood Awareness Program. More crosswalks have been added and one needs to be repainted. More sidewalks need to be added on 13400 south and are on the plan. No crosswalks exist past 1830 west, and we recommend one be put at the 2200 west intersection. Lights would be beneficial as well to alert drivers to the high number of our students crossing these streets. Crossing guards are a necessity and a reduction in guards put our students at risk.) It was proposed that we write a proposal letter stating our safety concerns for our school. It was also proposed, if our concerns are not addressed, that someone from the city come and explain, give feedback, why certain safety concerns were not been addressed. Audrey Fish has the details) SNAP Plan must be submitted by January 20, 2017.
  1. School Business
    1. Land Trust Actual Budget (We had more money than anticipated. 🙂 Remaining balance that is unalloted is nearly $15,000. Intramural basketball may be have to be funded from another source due to land trust not being able to fund athletics. Greenhouse group to be started and run by Mr. Nielsen. Teacher prep days could be funded by this extra money as could teacher grants. It was proposed to create a program to help the 9th graders transition to the high school from OHMS. Mrs. Garrard said we do a transitioning thing with the 9th grade already, but we could add to it to specifically addressing the issues of stress and anxiety, for some, associated with this transition. Students with anxiety will not sign up for classes for transitioning. To target those who have social anxiety it must be a school wide issue. Give woodshop teacher some additional hours to help more students after school or create an open woodshop for those who are not taking woodshop but want to build.
    1. NetSmartz—Internet Safety Assembly (NetSmartz came out and discussed with our students how to be safe and private online. The dangers of sexting and the criminal charges that can go with it were heavily mentioned. Anonymous methods of reporting cyberbullying were also mentioned.)
    1. Oquirrh Fest (Now called Oquirrh Rush Our SBO’s met with Riverton High, RHS, SHMS, and OHMS will all be working together to raise money for one, not yet mentioned, local charity.)
    1. Red Ribbon Week (It was awesome. Many students contributed as we discussed the benefits of a drug free life.)
    1. After School Enrichment (It was proposed that Mr. Nichols add to the school website the Eagle hour rotation and combine it with the after school enrichment. We recognize the hard work of Mrs. Weedon, Mrs. Allred, Mrs. Oberg, & Mrs. Hopkin it the stellar success of our study skills and intervention programs)
  1. Counseling Update
    1. Blue Ribbon Week (Anti Bullying, & Online safety week was very successful with an amazing assembly from NetSmartz.)
    2. PCCR (Planning for College and Career Readiness meetings were successful and done)
    3. JATC Field Trips (major success. Busses were huge for allowing more time at JATC and a quicker return to OHMS. However students were restricted from going in certain places. JATC will be contacted and details will be worked out to ensure that our students can see, smell, and touch the things taught at JATC at the south campus.)
    4. Reality Town (Nov, 15. We only have 20 out of the necessary 50 volunteers.)
  1. Science and Engineering Practices (New way of looking at science. Puts the students more in charge by allowing them to ask and explore the concepts in many ways)
  2. Community Discussion (None. Motion to adjourn all in favor)

Minutes of meeting 29, September 2016

Agenda is in black minutes recorded are in blue

Attendees Christopher Nichols, Sandra Doehler, Tracie Garrard, Lance Balerio, Beth Kunz, Angela Greer, Denise Henninger, Audrey Fish, Mike Glenn, & Shauna Eccles.

1. Welcome – Introductions

2. Election Information (Robert’s Rule, Electronic Voting)

3. Designation of Chair/Co-Chair/Secretary

Denise Heninger nominated to be chair and sustained. Sandra Doehler nominated to be co-chair and sustained Christopher Nichols nominated to be secretary and sustained. Welcome to our new chair, co-chair, and secretary.

4. Approval of May 19th minutes
May’s minutes will be voted on at the next meeting

5. Set the Meeting dates for the rest of the year
Meeting on odd months: November 10 for snap plan, city officials, and oquirrh fest. January 12 for snap plan approval and beginning budget preview. March 9 for budget finalization. May 11th if necessary.

6. Personal Contact Information list for Website and Emailing
Contact list was filled out and delivered to Mr. Nichols so he can update the school website

7. School Community Council Training Dates
a. Bingham High, Media Center – Oct 12th 6:00pm
b. West Jordan Middle, Media Center – Oct 13th 6:00pm
c. Herriman High, Tech Atrium – Oct. 26th 6:00pm
d. JATC South, Auditorium – Oct. 27th 6:00pm
e. Riverton High, Tech Atrium, Nov. 2, 6:00pm
f. Copper Hills High, Media Center – Nov. 3, 6:00pm
Every member of the council needs to attend one training session this year

8. School Business:
a. Field Trip Update – 7th grade trip, 9th grade trip (ALPS), Band
Field trip was successful for 7th grade 🙂 9th grade alps field trip is in the works. Band will be playing at the state capitol on Monday 10/3

b. Technology Update – one to one initiative
1 million available to our district for a one to one tech initiative grant. Our 9th grade teachers (Earth Science, Biology, Language Arts, History, Math, etc) are the chosen group to be a part of this initiative. Math dept is bringing math excel, a computer program, next year to our students.

c. Budget update – This year’s allotment
Budget will be posted on the school website in the community council section. 15,652 is still left that needs to be allocated. There is a big conference coming up in Provo in March 21st century schools Mike Glenn would like to send approx 10 teachers at approx $75 each. It is also proposed that we use some of the money to create a stipend for non evaluative teacher coaches for our new teachers who may need additional support. A program was suggested to teach skills to students to help them be a better student. Things such as exam taking skills, note taking skills, and other student success skills would be the focus of this program. After school clubs for various interest were suggested including use of the greenhouse. These clubs would not have busses available. A student survey of interests such as intramurals that we could easily do at school could be sent to all students to get their input. Upgrading the iPads was suggested but the funding for this is most likely coming from elsewhere. Instead of bussing students to various places for field trips or extracurricular activities, it was suggested that we bring the professional to the students here instead.

d. Sage Testing
Passing rate is very low.
Reasons why include the students not trying on sage because it does not count. Also our community is not behind us when it comes to SAGE. The perception is, from media and misinformed people, that this is another worthless exam. In reality SAGE is adaptive and pushes the kids. They must demonstrate knowledge about how to perform the task as well as the correct answer. If SAGE disappears then what will replace it. ACT? Sell the sage to your students. It is important for your school and you should do your best. It’s a challenge embrace it, beat it.

9. School Events:
a. Hello Week
Hello week was a big success the olympic theme was a huge hit

b. Red Ribbon Week
October 3-7 We will pass out the materials on 9/30 during 8th period. iTune out drugs is our theme this year. Many fun events planned for this event.
Monday door decorating contest in TA
Tuesday iTune out drugs pledge (students will fill out a I pledge to be drug free pledge during TA)
Wednesday Donut do drugs (donuts at lunch)
Thursday The keys to be drug free (musical drug trivia at lunch)

10. Counseling Update
a. Enrichment Changes
b. Lunch School
c. Study Skills
All counseling center initiatives have been very successful. Students using such programs had a dramatic increase in GPA. Overall F grades dropped by 21 % in 8th grade and 54 % in 9th grade. (exact numbers to come shortly)

11. SNAP Plan
Motion to postpone this until the Nov. meeting. Motion passed.

Excellent first meeting. Minutes from previous meetings will be emailed to Mr. Nichols so he can update the website.

May 19, 2016

Minutes from notes taken by Renee Sass

Attendees: Denise Heninger, Glenn Richins, Kirk Nielsen, Becky McKenzie, Tracy Miller, Beth Kunz, Sandy Doehler, and Renee Sass

No frills money ($2300) After discussion Becky motioned that it be used for mobile technology.

The committee wondered if in December, as a part of Oquirrhfest, there would be a means to see the students doing service through scheduled projects. Nothing resolved.

Our monies showed an overage of $17,000 which the committee approved Mr. Glenn to use for the purchase of two mobile labs ($8500 each) over the summer. No frills could be used for this also.

Final item was a request for consideration of a stipend from the enrichment funds to the theater teacher for all of the many (after school) hours she puts into the production of events by her classes. All were good with that funding being used for that purpose.

March 17, 2016

No attendance taken

  1. January minutes were approved.
  2. School events
    1. Career day scheduled for 3/9/2016
    2. White ribbon week scheduled for April 4-8
  3. Counseling Update
    1. Statistics from the 1st semester study skills (new class this year funded by landtrust) classes presented as well as those from lunch school and after school enrichment.
  4. School Business
    1. Discussion on the current land trust budget and the proposed budget. Profession development equals 5 hours per teacher.

January 20, 2016 at 5:30 PM

  1. Welcome by Renee Sass at 5:34 PM.
  1. Committee Business
  1. Approval of October meeting minutes- Angela Greer made a motion to approve the October 22, 2015 minutes, and Michael Glenn seconded it.   All present were in favor.
  2. School Business (skipped to Agenda item 4 e.)
  3. STEM- Mr. Monson (STEM teacher) introduced two of OHMSs STEM robotics teams and their captains. OHMS team is one of 30 robotics teams in Utah with OHMS being the only team from the Jordan School District. Teams have to complete missions to get points for their team.  The State competition will be February 20, 2016 at Weber State University.  Video clips were shown of the previous competition, and the students showed the SCC their robots in action.
  4. School Events (resumed order of Agenda)
  1. Oquirrh Fest – Hearts and Hands Follow up- Michael Glenn showed the news clip shown featuring OHMSs fundraiser.  The school exceeded its goal and raised $28,975.
  1. Talent Show- The show will be February 2-4, 2016.
  1. Parent Teacher Conferences- Student led parent teacher conferences will be held February 24 and 25, 2016.  Appointments can be made via online scheduling.
  1. School Business
  1. Trust Lands – Survey Results- Renee discussed the results of survey emailed to OHMS teachers and parents.  94 people took the survey.  Presented the areas budgeted; the amount budgeted, the amount spent and the amount remaining, which brings the amount under budget so far.  Angela Greer suggested adding measurement to surveys related to areas.  Shauna Eccles wants to involve parents more to volunteer.  Glen Richins said teachers don’t really spend time planning the activities held during TA time, because teachers don’t have the additional time to plan these activities.  Eagle Hour needs to be activities that get students involved, because some students are just sitting out to do homework, read, etc.  Suggestions were made for activities such as line dancing.  Andrea Edwards suggested adding TA/Eagle Hour as a PTA Committee to utilize parents to take the stress off of the teachers.  Shauna Eccles asked about the intervention aide’s responsibility for Eagle Hour, but this aide is not involved with Eagle Hour.
  1. Budget Proposal- Michael Glenn said the Utah Trust Land office doesn’t know the exact amount for next year’s budget yet, but said it should be around $65,000.

Tracy Miller asked if there is more of a need for professional development going forward, and there is.  Terry Price discussed the types of professional development the teachers attend.

Karla Padilla asked if students had been asked about what they see as a need.

Suggestion made to look into building a partnership with a higher institution to provide study skills classes.

Angela Greer emphasized additional need for after school programs like chess club, etc.  Michael Glenn recognized that the school doesn’t have many after school programs.  Angela Greer suggested getting kids together to do similar interests during TA time, etc.

She also suggested introducing study skills during TA time.  Denise Heninger is in favor of study skills for all students, not just starting with the 8th graders.  Angelica Moody suggested introducing more in depth study skills sooner to the 7th graders.  Some students can be identified as likely going to struggle, because of study skills issues in 6th grade.  Steven Cherry said Survival Skills is offered to 7th graders, but it does not go in depth with discussing study skills.  Lance Valerio says study skills needs to be part of the culture.  It needs to be repetitive and hands-on.  Andrea Edwards asked what was discussed in the Parent University in September.  She suggested providing a 7th grade study skills by 2nd quarter.  Michael Glenn said they have plans this spring to meet with 6th grade teachers of schools to discuss their students and how their students are doing to identify students who may struggle with study skills.  Lance Valerio suggested a mentoring program using some of the older, more successful students that can help the struggling, younger kids.  Michael Glenn said they will look into a mentoring type program like Adopt a 7th Grader).

Michael Glenn said the money for Enrichment is for the teachers after school because these teachers have to be paid for this additional time.

Michael Glenn said the school is working towards a 1:1 ratio for computers to student.  The ratio is currently about 1:1.5 to 1:1.75 approximately.  Angela Greer asked how many labs.  The school has 19 mobile labs, but they need replace some labs each year.  She asked how much it would cost to replace 2 mobile labs and to buy one new next year.

Shauna asked about the ideas presented from the teacher’s training.  There was no real response.  Teachers mostly brought up process issues not monetary needs.

Karla asked if the school had Smart Boards.  Michael Glenn said the math teachers have them and only one other teacher has requested one.  Becky Heninger said there needs to be effective training for teachers for the technology being used in the school.  Angela Greer would like more teachers to utilize Skyward and class websites to relay homework/class information.  Andrea Edwards said she would rather go directly to her student to obtain this information.  Kirk Nielsen said he likes using the Remind app to share homework/class information.  Michael Glenn and Terry Price said they’re working on reinforcing teachers to use Skyward and having them attach assignments in Skyward.

Tracy Miller said she would rather send groups of teachers to professional development conferences rather than one or two teachers at a time, so more teachers can learn and benefit from the conferences.  Michael Glenn acknowledged hearing suggestions bringing in professional development to the school rather than just sending teachers to conferences.  He said they will be sending about twenty teachers to UMLA.  He suggested adding five hours of out of contract learning.  Angela Greer asked if more time and money was needed for the tracker person.

At 6:50, Barb Gentry joined the SCC meeting. Renee introduced her.  Barb Gentry was present to solicit suggestions for improving the STEM program and to receive feedback on how the program had been going so far from the perspective of those people present at the SCC meeting.  Lance Valerio asked when the STEM session ends for this semester and mentioned he hadn’t received much feedback from his STEM programming student and wanted to know more about what students had been doing in STEM.  Barb Gentry briefly discussed what STEM programming students have been working on.  In May, she said they will have a night for demonstrating what students have done throughout the year.  She suggested maybe the school have a similar one of these nights halfway through the year as well, because parents need to see more of what students are doing.  Glen Richins discussed challenges with programming classes such as students are at different levels of programming knowledge.  Lance Valerio said the program needs to get students more interested in programming and to make it more fun for the students.  Angela Greer reinforced that the program is only to introduce robotics and programming.  Shauna Eccles said that teachers need to remember that adults will hold students back and that teachers need to step back and let students take more lead.  She said too much time in the beginning was spent on teambuilding rather than building and programming.

Angela Greer asked if Michael Glenn will research how much it will cost to do the things that have been suggested in SCC.

Shauna Eccles mentioned that the budget information did show the field trips

At 6:52, Andrea Edwards left the SCC meeting.

  1. Technology Update (discussion during Budget Proposal)
  1. Appropriate Social Relationship Booth- Michael Glenn mentioned that a group was wanting to set up a table at lunch, so students can learn about healthy relationships, in addition to what is already presented in health classes.  Shauna Eccles and Lance Valerio said that the teaching in the classes is good enough.  No one present in the meeting was in favor of the group setting up their booth during lunch.
  1. Counseling Update
  1. Lunch School- Steven Cherry said 390 students have attended Lunch School so far with a total of 1,841 visits. Angela Greer asked if they had a percentage of how many students are actually getting help from the teacher at Lunch School.  Steven Cherry said Lunch School was added, because they were missing kids who wouldn’t or couldn’t stay after school for help.  It is offered every day, and students can get help on any subject.  Teachers are seeing spikes in Lunch School attendance near mid-terms and end of quarters.  Angela Greer asked which program is most crucial to students, Lunch School or After School Enrichment.  The consensus is After School Enrichment.
  1. Study Skills- Steven Cherry said he couldn’t locate the numbers for study skills progress prior to the SS meeting, but he said it was around a 65% decrease in F’s for 9th grade students and a 55% decrease for 8th grader students.
  1. After School Enrichment- 258 students have been attending with a total of 415 visits.
  1. Registration- Details will be coming soon regarding the process.
  1. Community Discussion- If we increase budget to include study skills for 7th graders, it would increase the cost in the budget by about $1,500.  Group discussed reinforcing studying skills in TA to help keep the costs down instead.  Becky Heninger said she doesn’t want more burden put on students and just wants to have effective teachers that reinforce the skills taught to the students.  Shauna Eccles would like to have the video Steven Cherry shows his students, so skills are shown to more students than just those that see him on an individual basis.  Denise Heninger said teachers need to be repetitive with reinforcing the study skills with the students.

Discussed that two mobile computer labs would cost about $18,000, but suggested maybe purchasing just one lab in the budget for about $10,000 and that Chromebooks do not need additional software purchased.  Michael Glenn mentioned that computer software funds could possibly be pulled out of the textbook funding to decrease computer lab costs in the budget.

Discussed increasing professional development to $15,000. Michael Glenn said the school doesn’t usually use all of its funding budgeted for professional development due to summer teacher development

Field trips were included in budget for $2,000, because this information had inadvertently been excluded from the budget as discussed previously.

Shauna Eccles said the school website for SCC still had not updated as discussed in a prior meeting and that she thought some people didn’t want their phone numbers listed with their contact information.

  1. Comments- Angela Greer wants feedback directly from teachers, because the only feedback on the budget from teachers has been a 7th grade study skills and there were only 30 respondents to that survey.

Lance Valerio asked when the SNAP plan was being finalized and was told it was finalized in the October 2015 SCC meeting that he did not attend.  He wants the middle school SNAP plan to align with the elementary school plans.

Shauna Eccles asked if the tree had been trimmed as discussed as a need in the previous meeting, but no one knew.

Lance Valerio mentioned that Southland had concern for students riding bikes, because the students have to carry their bikes and a suggestion had been made to remove the rocks below the bridge on the south side and pave it, so kids can ride their bikes to school.  He mentioned Southland’s discussion of maybe moving the crossing guard and updating old signage and revising sign placement to make them more visible.

Michael Glenn suggested spending money to update the Wall of Liberty and to supplement the wall with a newer QR.  Consensus of those present was they didn’t see a need for the update, because of student’s lack of interest in the current wall and that an update really wasn’t a good use of money for the students.

Angelica Moody addressed the crossing guard’s timing of letting kids cross the street.    She suggested he should wait to stop traffic only for groups of kids whenever its visible that other kids are close to getting to the crosswalk.  Stopping traffic each time a kid arrives at the crosswalk is backing up the traffic more than is necessary.

  1. Next Meeting March 17th

Meeting Adjournment- Renee Sass made a motion to adjourn the meeting and the motion was seconded by Kirk Nielsen.  All present were in favor.