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School Policies



Our goal is to ensure a harassment free learning environment that is in compliance with state and federal law. It is the intention of Oquirrh Hills Middle School to provide a safe, orderly environment where all individuals are treated with courtesy and RESPECT. Any form of harassment is prohibited. Harassment is defined as unwanted behavior, speech, writing, pictures, text messaging, internet blogs, etc. directed at an individual or group. It does not matter if the person who is doing the harassment says he/she was only kidding or having fun. If his/her behavior hurts someone, it is wrong. Students have the right to be at school and feel safe. Students who feel they have been harassed, sexually or otherwise, are encouraged to report the harassment to a responsible adult such as a counselor, teacher, or school administrator as soon as possible. Disciplinary action shall be taken against individuals who are guilty of harassment and may be referred to law enforcement.


Students will be required to wear a hall pass vest when exiting a class during instructional time.


Please be respectful of our custodial staff by keeping our hallways free of litter. Open containers are not allowed in the halls. In an effort to keep traffic flowing freely, please do not congregate in the intersections or in congested areas. Horseplay and roughhousing are not allowed. Public display of affection is inappropriate at school.


We request that students not arrive at school any earlier than 7:20 a.m. as there is no adult supervision prior to this time. After school, students need to exit the building by 3:00 p.m. Any student staying beyond that time must be with an adult supervisor.


Non-educational items that are disruptive to the school environment may be confiscated. Such items include: toys, laser pens, iPods/MP3 players, electronic devices, chains, video games, etc. Electronic devices, which are being used during, or interrupt, instructional time, may be confiscated. Parents may pick up confiscated items from their child’s Assistant Principal.


State law requires each student to be properly immunized and verification documented with the counseling center.