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Science Olympiad

What is this group about?

Science Olympiad involves cross-cutting concepts in all of its standards-aligned events, building 21stcentury skill sets essential to today’s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workforce. There are 23 events in Division B (middle school) providing a platform for students to apply and display a wide variety of talents, from design and prototyping, to technical writing, to chemistry lab skills. A team of 15 students pairs up to tackle the 23 events which encouraging collaboration, teamwork and cross-training.

How does a student join?

Students can join by filling out a science Olympiad form that they can get from their science teacher or Mr. Monson

What commitments or requirements does this group have?

Science Olympiad TA members meet weekly on Tuesdays after school from 3-4:00 pm.  Students are expected to be motivated and focused on working event projects during these times. Participation in the competitions is required.

What are the groups major activities?

Science Olympiad has 3-4 competitions starting in February which include, practice competitions with neighboring schools, regional and state competitions.

Who leads this group and how can I contact them for more info?

Mr. Monson,