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Stage Crew

What is this group about?

Stage Crew is a specialty TA class. Students in this class are responsible for morning announcements, building sets, and running the lights and sound equipment during our school's many assemblies and plays.

How does a student join?

Students submit an application and interview if they are in 7th grade or if there is an open position in 8th or 9th grade, the top 10 students will submit teacher evaluations and have an interview with Mrs. DeJesus for final placement. Students must be independent workers, driven, respectful and maintain honorable grades and citizenship. Students who are accepted are expected to keep their position all three years.

What commitments or requirements does this group have?

Students are required to log stage crew related hours each quarter for a grade above and beyond work done in TA. Students are required to run after school events.

What are the groups major activities?

School plays, concerts, and special events such as Oquirrh Rush and assemblies.

Who leads this group and how can I contact them for more info?

Mrs. DeJesus,