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STEM Academy

What is this group about?

Beginning robotics and computer programing

How does a student join?

Talk to Ms. Price, Mr. Price, Mrs. Stirland, Mrs. Allsop, Mrs. Panek, or Mr. Monson for information on how to join the STEM Academy

What commitments or requirements does this group have?

Computer Programming class meets every Mon and Wed after school. They do team building and future career activities, as well as learn some computer programming. Robotics class meets every Tues and Thurs after school. They compete in robotic competitions and learn to work in teams. All classes end at 5:20 and students who usually have a bus ride home can take the bus.

What are the groups major activities?

First Lego League, First Tech Challenge

Who leads this group and how can I contact them for more info?

Mrs. Stirland,