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School Standards & Expectations

All students at Oquirrh Hills Middle School are important, valuable individuals. All students have the right to acquire a quality education in a safe environment.  All students have the right to be treated with RESPECT by fellow students and all adult staff.  All students have the right to express their thoughts and feelings in an appropriate manner.

With these rights come certain responsibilities.  Students are to refrain from inappropriate or distracting behavior.  Students have the responsibility to follow the guidelines established by the administration and individual teachers.  Each student has the responsibility to treat their fellow students and all adult staff with the same RESPECT that they expect.  Behaviors causing another student physical or emotional harm including threatening, teasing, fighting, etc. are not acceptable.

If students have difficulty meeting these responsibilities, teachers and/or administrators will intervene in one or several of the following ways: contact a parent/guardian, consultation with parents, lunch detention, in-school suspension, suspension, suspension to district hearing, referral to law enforcement, etc.  Administrators will refer to district policies AS67 and AS90 for proper procedure and documentation.

You can view the entire student handbook using the window below. If you wish to travel to a specific policy please use the policy specific links located below this window.

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