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Student Work

Samples from the contest to design a postcard for OHMS

Oquirrh Hills Middle student Emma Wynn has dedicated extensive time and effort in the development of her 8th grade science fair project " Light Refraction". Emma's amazing project focused on how increasing the density of a liquid by adding sugar would affect the angle of light refraction.
Her project advanced on from her science class to the OHMS school competition where she placed first, then progressed onto the Jordan district science fair with a placement that moved her onto the state science fair program at BYU. At the state competition her project placed 1st (physics category), along with a prestigious invitation to the Broadcom Masters, a national science competition that is offered to only 6,000 students nation wide. During the summer Emma competed in this program and advanced onto become one of 300 semifinalists; even though she wasn't selected as a finalist she did receive a generous gift certificate to Walmart.
Congratulations Emma with your science fair success; we encourage you to continue to strive for excellence in future science projects!