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Teacher Advisory Disclosure

Purpose: The purposes of the 35-minute Teacher Advisory (TA) period at OHMS are:

  1. To provide students with the opportunity to “connect” with an adult at OHMS; someone they can go to for assistance.  TA teachers will be assigned by grade level.  Specialty TA assignments can change year to year.
  2. To provide students’ academic support by attending Eagle Hour. Each department has one day a week that they can call students out of their regular TA to get additional help.
  3. To provide students’ academic support by conferencing with the TA students’ performance including behavior, student usage of skyward to check attendance, grades, and missing work, and other aspects of student performance.
  4. To provide students with time to work on assignments, homework, reading, and character education.
  5. To provide students with opportunities to achieve mastery through intervention in all subjects.
  6. To provide enrichment opportunities through Specialty TA’s. This will require additional expectations outside of the school day.
  7. To conduct school business such as reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, conducting morning announcements, and hosting assemblies.
  • Grading: The TA period will be graded on a pass/fail basis. 70% or above will be a passing grade.  Students will pass TA by their daily attendance and participation.  All 9th grade students will receive a .25 elective high school graduation credit per semester for passing this class. A failing grade affects their GPA.  A passing grade doesn't.  "Non-attendance and/or non-participation may result in a failing grade, which is will be included in their accumulated GPA."

Attendance:  Attendance will follow the Utah Compulsory Education Law.

Materials:  Students are expected to be prepared for TA requirements.